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How We Help

To serve you best, we have created 5 focus areas that we know are necessary in you fulfilling your vision.

Through that lens, we listen to your unique needs and then combine science, math and creativity to design systems that meet your needs for years to come.

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We know that God is relational, and that human relationships are at the center of your community. Our desire is to leverage technology to help you create an intentional space where relationships can grow.


We understand the mandate for your church to help people encounter a loving God. We exist to help you create an immersive environment that enhances the worship and teaching experience to pave the way for encounters to happen.


Each of us was born for significance. We are intentional in creating systems that amplify your message with power and clarity that inspire people towards activation in and around them.


We recognize the role that technology plays today in human connections whether they be onsite or online. We will ensure that your technology does not put a limitation prevent these connections, but rather help them happen.


We acknowledge that in order for your church to feel like Home, it needs to be inviting and safe. For that reason, we know your IT, security, and access control systems are as important as your production systems.

30 Years Of Experience



Regardless of the size of the room, your budget, or worship style, we leverage our experience rooted in science to create an audio experience that helps you clearly communicate the Gospel.


Beginning with the infrastructure, we design scalable systems to REACH those whether in your facility, their home, or on their phone.


Inspired by your creative direction, our lighting systems will ensure you will be seen, while also evoking the emotion you desire in the most intimate moments.


Designing the IT, security, and access control systems as part of a cohesive architecture saves you time, money, and headaches down the road.

Our Promise

Guided by our Core Values, and our 30 years of experience in the Church AVL industry, we promise to design and deploy solutions just as we would for each of our own churches.