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Our Team

REACH is a team of audio, video, lighting, and technology artists united by a shared passion to deliver world-class church AV and Beyond solutions nationwide.

Using what we know and what we have learned along the way, we help you create powerful environments where people will encounter God.

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Our Leadership

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"When I realized how excited I was to wake up at 6am on Sundays for sound checks, but struggled to get up at 8am on a workday, I knew something had to change in my life.”
– Austin Hess
General Manager

Austin leads the REACH team and is ultimately responsible for delivering on our promise. He grew up in Central Pennsylvania before pursuing an education, along with a music career, in Nashville. While serving as a worship pastor at a large, multi-site church in Washington, D.C., Austin simultaneously held a leadership position at a leading global business consultancy for more than a decade. He knows he is right where he wants to be: at the intersection of the Church, client-service, and technology.

"I carry a deep passion to redeem the realm of technology for the purposes of God. This also means doing things with excellence from the start.”
– Michael Jaspers
Director of Operations

Michael oversees the implementation of REACH solutions. At an early age, while growing up in North Dakota, Michael developed a deep fascination with AV technologies where he practiced at his father’s church. Michael polished his skills in NW Arkansas, where he attended college, and later went on to lead a team at a large, multi-site church. To this day, Michael welcomes the challenge of solving complex problems and is compelled to help you see the big picture while also obsessing about the details.

Our Heritage

In 1996, Doug Graham and Bruce Shelby partnered to launch a forward-thinking company that was built on biblical principles. Nearly three decades later, Continuant has delivered business communications services to organizations around the globe, including over 100 companies in the Fortune 500. It is with this same vision and service that REACH was formed.

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Our Promise

Guided by our Core Values, and our 30 years of experience in the Church AVL industry, we promise to design and deploy solutions just as we would for each of our own churches.